Friday, March 14, 2014

Dragonflies in Wool

This is my newest pattern, Dragonflies in Wool.  Each of the images of the dragonflies is an applique.  The stems of the flowers are green wool yarn and the flowers are free form created, not using appliques, based on a photo I took last summer.  Here is the dragonflies with flowers from my yard laid in place.  I copied the positions of most of the flowers.  Here it is 9 months later and I finally finished the pattern.  Sometimes it takes me a long time to figure out what to do next.  I hand dyed all the roving (wool fibers) threads and wool fabrics, because this is fun to me.  The colors work well together because of this.  The bees and the dragonflies wings were made by mixing Angelina (thin iridescent plastic fibers) with the wool rovings, making them sparkly..

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  1. Would there be time to straighten the tails (abdomens, actually) of the dragonflies? Flies with tails bent to the sides are sick little guys. Occasionally you will see "tails" bent up (usually in very hot weather, to reduce the amount of sun/heat on abdomen, which is the area through which they breathe, so it helps keep the insect at a viable temperature) or down (egg-laying or a signal a female is not ready to mate) but off to the side indicates disease.