Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Woolly Alphabet pattern is now ready for sale.  It took us a long time to figure out how we wanted to include six printed color pages in the pattern.  The color cover was a given but the keep costs down, we assembled five color pages so there are detail photos of ALL the blocks, rather than making a little bit of color on many pages.

We dithered on making posters of our felted applique patterns and decided to make a poster of the New Flock of Sheep in 18"x24" and we will be printing our Noah's Ark machine appliqued quilt on the other side.  The paper will be 100 lb coated stock and there will be no ink bleeding through as we have used this paper for our paper pattern covers which are now sporting double sided printing as we publish new patterns and reprinting the older ones that we have reprinted.  The second side is a detail shot of part of the quilt on the cover, or many detail photos showing the technique used.

So now the quest is to update my whole web site indicating which patterns have the back of the covers showing the detail photos.