Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This is the newest mini quilt in felted applique technique called 
Cat Faces in Wool.  It is a good beginner pattern to start needle felting because it is only 15" square.  

I had a duplicate design that I made by accident.  It was exactly like one of the birds in the Birds in Wool quilt top I am working on.  So I just made it into a block.  Maybe I'll frame it.  It is 10" high x 11" wide.

This is my wool birds quilt so far.  I am going to add two more birds in the corners at the bottom.  The borders and the cornerstones are just pinned on, so they are a bit wonky.  The borders are 6" wide to give you an idea of scale. 

The question right now is which border arrangement will I choose? or something totally different?