Sunday, September 13, 2015

New theme for felted applique: Woolly Fish

Fish felted from wool fibers is bizarre, don't you think?  Recently I've been working on fish appliques with my hand dyed wool fabric.  Four wool fabrics have been felted together using my felting machine which saves time, instead of felting them by hand. They could be sewn together too.There is a separate strip of three fish at the bottom.

Two black fish are ready to be felted.  Right below them is a yellow fish still in progress.  The fins on the fishes sides are 3-D.  By shading the wool fibers from lighter bellies to darker on the top side, the fish look more realistic.

You can see in the close up that the edges of this fish still show a little the black fabric I used for the applique, and under the gill area.  I am having so much fun with the embroidered details.  The coral in the upper corner are felted down using the felting machine.  They are scraps of hand dyed wool.  I haven't 
embroidered them yet.

Here is another block that may become part of the group above, or it may be a little quilt as it is.  The orange seaweed is wool yarn that I've couched with different shades of pearl cotton thread.  The star fish has beads radiating from the center.  I see the blue parrotfish needs to get an embroidered gill.  The fishes eyes are beads.