Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I saw this plant, called Crocosmia, several years ago on a gardening show, Gardening by the Yard, and I had to have one.  So I bought one at the local nursery in August when it was in bloom,  I planted it and it died during the winter.  I found some corms at the grocery (Wegman's carries an interesting assortment of things in addition to foodstuff).  I bought the box of corms and planted them.  They apparently grew because now I have two plants with flower buds and I am so excited.  I have never seen a flowering plant that I was so drawn to.  It is as graceful as a dancer.  I love curved lines.  I have been drawing this plant on some of my felted blocks, without knowing that there are more groups of flowers on the same stem.  This makes the flower more complex.  Complex design is very enticing to me.
Here is what I drew in thread after observing the crocosmia.  The flowers on the right are new stitches and the ones on the left are what I thought crocosmia looked stalk of red flowers.

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