Monday, December 12, 2011

The Crow quilt is evolving...

This is the Crows quilt with the appliques sewn through the backgrounds and cotton batting.

At this point I have added the backing fabric so the quilting of the backgrounds goes through all three layers.  Each block has a different quilting design.  This is a study in variations of quilting patterns as they relate to my subject matter. All the crows have beaded eyes using  "iris" colored glass beads.


  1. Hi I answered my own question above - but I am curious about your sheep - they are wonderful --- did you use a felting machine or do them by hand? thank you kindly

  2. I use the Clover felting tool is pink and holds three felting needles close together in an easy to hold pen shape. I sell them on my website I find I can get lots more detail with a hand held tool and besides, I can carry my projects with me where ever I go, especially places where waiting is involved. I even take this tool on airplanes with no problems.